Sisterhood, Keshet, and Men of CBT

Sisterhood, Keshet, and Men of CBT


Mona Epstein, President

B’nai Tikvah Sisterhood is a social organization that promotes camaraderie and service to the temple and the Jewish community. Sisterhood, utilizing its dues, pitches in by helping sponsor Temple Events, such as fundraisers and religious school activities.  Each year, Sisterhood holds a membership event. It’s a good way to meet new friends as well as learn about and help plan the organization’s activities.

We have a very active book club, called “Book Sisters” who meet every other month to discuss various books.  Usually, we meet one night during the week or Sunday mornings with a potluck meal.

Other Sisterhood’s activities:

  • Tour of San Francisco Museums Contemporary Jewish Museum, MoMa, Legion of Honor
  • Chanukah Party
  • Making “No-sew” children’s blankets for Oakland Children’s Hospital
  • Dinner and a movie at Contra Costa International Jewish Film Festival
  • Sisterhood Shabbat with a speaker from a worthwhile cause and participation from Sisterhood members.
  • Women’s Passover Seder led by Cantor Chabon
  • Get together for dinner at a restaurant
  • Craft classes,  Knitting/Crocheting nights
  • Musical theater events
  • Educational events
  • Toys for Tots collection

It’s a fun, no-pressure way to meet people and help B’nai Tikvah when the spirit moves you. Regular dues are $36 annually, Chai dues are $54. First-year CBT members are free. To learn more, email Mona Epstein:


Keshet @ CBT is a new social organization that aims to build meaningful connections for LGBTQ+ individuals and families within the CBT community. Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, still questioning, or an ally, we would love for you to join the group. 

Keshet holds meetings once a month to engage in synagogue events, hold discussions about LGBTQ+ issues within the community, and promote social engagement for LGBTQ+ Jews and allies. For more information, email Rebecca Abraham at

Sisterhood, Keshet, and Men of CBT

Men of CBT

The purpose of the Men of CBT is to engage male congregants both in-faith and inter-faith alike, in building a community that enriches their experience at Congregation B’nai Tikvah. We do this by offering opportunities to learn, socialize and serve our temple”

More importantly, we hope to provide an environment where both our Jewish and non-Jewish congregants can come to share in inter-faith discussions, about Judaism and its culture and rituals, as well as feel like an integral part of our community. And if you have children, then come to discuss how the holidays are handled, why we follow rituals, and what you can do to create a wonderful Jewish environment for your family.

Besides educational and cultural enrichment, Men of CBT also provides volunteer service during the High Holy Day services, the annual Gala Fundraiser, sponsoring Friday night services and onegs, to name a few.

So please check us out. We have great jokes, conversations, and camaraderie. Find out what your dues to the Men of CBT pays for, like bocce ball games, lectures, and other events. Contact the office to get involved!

See you soon.